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Tunneling to behind the firewall (Beta 1)

This program allows you to connect to your work computer that is situated behind the firewall from home computer that can also be behind the firewall and get access to the work network

Using this program you can create tunnels from your home computer to the work computer and thus use almost any client-server software such as Remote Desktop, Web Browser (to access your intranet), Telnet etc.

It has the following features:

  • Remote file manager that allows you to download and upload files
  • A service manager that allows you to control the services on the remote machine
  • A WMI Query dialog that allows you to execute WMI queries
  • A synchronizer that allows to keep remote folders in sync with local folders
  • A tunnel manager that allows to create tunnels to remote computers that are behind the firewall
  • All the traffic is encrypted and signed using Kerberos protocol (.NET 2 NegotiateStream class)

Author: Rovshan Baghirov