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Tunneling to behind the firewall (Beta 1) - How to install

The order of installation does not matter. ClientConnector will try to connect to ForwarderServer every 15 seconds when its not available. Both ForwarderServer and ClientConnector have Console and Windows Service versions. You need to make necessary changes in configuration files in both cases. Configuration files end with .config extension and are placed in the same folder with executables. When installing service versions you need to go to Control panel ->Administrative tools -> Services and start ForwarderServerService and ClientConnectorService and set startup types as you like

Configuration changes to make:

GUIConnector: no changes

  1. serverIP - the IP address (not the dns name) of the machine where the ForwarderServer is installed. (ForwaderServer and ClientConnector can also be installed on the same machine)
  2. serverPort - the port that ForwarderServer listens on
  3. cnuser - the username for GUIConnector to use to connect to this ClientConnector
  4. cnpwd - the password for GUIConnector to use to connect to this ClientConnector
  5. description - the description to show to GUIConnector
  6. user, pwd and domain - the credentials for connecting to ForwarderServer. Must represent a valid user account on the server (If credentials are left blank NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON will be used. Look here for details on how to restrict anonymous connections).
ForwarderServer: listenerPort - the port to listen on

More features will be configurable in the next versions